Is the Schema Browser initial details pane extensible?

When I first enter the "Users" category of the Schema Browser, the right-hand pane populates with details of all of the users. Is there any way to get that view to display a PASSWORD_VERSIONS column?

I know I can just drill down on each user in the Schema Browser or write a query, but curious if it can be done within the Schema Browser.

This might be a quick enhancement request, to be confirmed by Dev. In the snap below, you can see that Toad is capturing all the columns of the DBA_USERS view, which does include the PASSWORD_VERSIONS column. However, I'm guessing a small change is needed to get the GUI to display some of the "extra" columns.

Perhaps this change can be made in an upcoming 16.0 beta?

You can get more columns to display on the SB-LHS by right-clicking the column header there, but Password Versions is not one of the choices.

This can easily be added, but we are in code freeze for 16.0. I can add it to 16.1 betas though. 16.0 is due out near the end of the month.

That works for me. Thanks!