Is there a way to compare Windows database v.s. Unix database for tables that are only different by case in name?

Toad Edge schema comparison tool reports object as different when the object name are only different in case, e.g. Area vs. area. The report is useless because the whole database is different when comparing a Windows database to Unix database. All tables in Windows file system are deemed lower-case. However, columns in table can be mixed-case.

Not sure if there Is a switch in the comparison tool to ignore case in table name? I tried the “Ignore case” switch in the Comparing items panel/Common section and it had no effect.

In Schema Compare Comparison Rules includes a checkbox for “Ignore case” in header Common. If upper-case amd lower-case are be ignored the “Ignore case” checkbox should be selected.…/6835.e61.jpg

Hello Eugene,

there is an option to ignore individual Difference Types, such as differences in object names.

For PostgreSQL/EDB - In Compare Results - Outline - Detailed Setting - Expand ‘Tables’ node - Check ‘Name’ checkbox

For MySQL/MariaDB - In Compare Results - Outline - Detailed Setting - Expand ‘General’ node - Check ‘Name’ checkbox

Attached video demonstrates the PG case.

Hope this solves Your problem.[View:/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/144/compare_5F00_disable_5F00_name_5F00_difference.mp4:550:412]

Tomas, This resolves my problem in MySQL comparison. Thanks!

Hi, we are glad you can use compare with proposed solution, anyway, described behavior is already reported issue and will be fixed in future.


Miroslav Stanik