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Issue Creating Data Sources in Intelligence central

Hi I have just setup Toad Intelligence Central (TIC) and I was hoping to setup a few automation scripts with it but i seem to be running into an issue with the Data sources setup. When I publish the script ("Created the script on the same machine that is running it) I get a connection error on the TIC side but i can run the script with no issue in TDP.

Intelligence Central Error:

– 01/04/2016 12:09:38: LANDSTRIPW_MFG_MATERIASACSTR.log: Begin execution script activities
– 01/04/2016 12:09:38: LANDSTRIPW_MFG_MATERIASACSTR.log: Connection description = LANSTRIP_D
– 01/04/2016 12:09:39: LANDSTRIPW_MFG_MATERIASACSTR.log: Connection description was not found in Connection Manager
– 01/04/2016 12:09:39: LANDSTRIPW_MFG_MATERIASACSTR.log: Connection failed
– 01/04/2016 12:09:39: LANDSTRIPW_MFG_MATERIASACSTR.log: Execute_Data_1 - Connection failed

I was thinking that the issue was with missing a Data source in TIC so I tried to create one but I get a TNS error when I try this.

IC TNS Error.png

I also created a connection Via ODBC Administrator using the oracle 11g driver which works when testing the connection.

My next step was to create a View, Snapshot and Data set to check if these functions where working which they did and I now noticed that TIC had created a new data source automatically.

But when I tried to populate the user and Password for this Connecting I got the same error? But even more confusing was when I right clicked on Mappable objects under this data source it asked me for connection credentials which when I entered them from here it worked?

It seems to me that when you create a connection to Oracle, when the system is testing the connection before saving, it does not use the credentials provided and then fails to save the connection. The connection that was auto created has the same problem but you can right click the connection and select “enter personal authentication” and this works.

I would appreciate any help with resolving this issue



Ok, After some trial and error I have found the issue.

It seems that TIC does not use the TNS file information when connecting to oracle but when it auto creates the connection information from TDP it incorrectly includes it in the connection setup.

When TIC created the connection I assumed it was creating it correctly. By changing the connection manually in TIC connection manager I was able to resolved my issue.

I am glad you resolved your issue. I am not sure it makes sense why it resolved it as a connection made by Admin console is not used by TDP. If you have anymore issues please open a support case so we can gather all the data and work directly with you.

Hi Debbie thanks for the response. I tried to recreate the issue but i got a different result this time. The connection is still failing but now the work around is only working for the table views etc. not the automation. I have raised a support ticket as you suggested. “SR Number:3366385”



OK me Again, Feels a bit like I'm talking to myself [:S] but hopefully this is the final update as I've found the issue.

The issue seems to be If you have modified the "Connection Name" in TDP then you can run into issues. When I reviewed the Support bundle from TIC I noticed that my connection name got migrated as the "Toad Auto Name" and not the current name of the connection. This is why I got the error " Connection description was not found in Connection Manager" when I try to Publish Automation Scripts to TIC.

I tested this on a couple of Oracle connections in TDP by editing the connection properties and selecting the Auto-name option to the right of the connection name and then updated the automation script and republished and Viola! its working. (see Sceenshot).

For now this is only affecting my Oracle connections but I think that is down to the TNS ID being incorporated in the auto-name but I Imagine this issue could affect more that just these connection types.

Although not ideal at least I can be sure the my automatons will now work.



If you are talking about when you publish an automation script, i don’t think we change the alias name. I suspect there might have been a lookup issue instead. Ask the support rep to make a subcase for development and I will look into it.

I have your support case and I have asked to set up a WebEx meeting for next week. I am on vacation next week but I have assigned two developers to be on the call to assist. In the meantime please view this video on this topic.