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  1. In some circumstances, TOAD hangs if I compile package body on a schema with a large number of objects and an error occurs, and I have to kill the session. The problem is the owner is not passed into the reference to sys.ALL_ERRORS in the anonymous block TOAD runs to get error line information (which causes a terrible explain plan). Change required in Bold below.
    SELECT Line,Position,Text
    FROM sys.All_Errors
    WHERE OWNER=:Owner and Name = :Name and Type = :Type
    ORDER BY Sequence;
    Rec User_Errors%ROWTYPE;
    StartPos INTEGER;
    EndPos INTEGER;
    :Res := ‘’;
    for Rec in Cur loop
    if Rec.Line <> 0 or Rec.Position <> 0 then
    :Res := :Res || RPad(Rec.Line || ‘/’ || Rec.Position, 8);
    end if;
    StartPos := 1;
    EndPos := 1;
    while EndPos > 0 and StartPos <= Length(Rec.Text) loop
    EndPos := InStr(Rec.Text, Chr(10), StartPos);
    if EndPos > 0 then
    if EndPos <> StartPos then
    if StartPos > 1 then
    :Res := :Res || RPad(’ ‘, 10);
    end if;
    :Res := :Res || LTrim(SubStr(Rec.Text, StartPos, EndPos - StartPos)) || Chr(13);
    end if;
    if StartPos > 1 then
    :Res := :Res || RPad(’ ', 10);
    end if;
    :Res := :Res || LTrim(SubStr(Rec.Text, StartPos)) || Chr(13);
    end if;
    StartPos := EndPos + 1;
    end loop;
    end loop;

  2. There are editor instances which still don’t obey my colour scheme, I have a dark background with light text and the following screen STILL default to white background, so I cannot see any text!. This drives me utterly nuts as this ongoing problem has existed for version after version after version. Any chance you can make sure ALL editor instances obey the colour settings, surely it can’t be that difficult? A few places still affected :

  • Explain Plan Comparison [SQL editor].
  • Compare Data [Optional Where Clause editor]
  • Session Browser [Current Statement, Open Cursors Full Statement etc.]

#2 - Those 3 places and any other place that uses the PL/SQL syntax highlighter will obey the background setting in the next beta.

Looks like #1 happens when the “success with compilation error” error is thrown. I’ll have it fixed in the next beta.