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Launching Automation from the command line

As it is a known issue that scheduling doesn’t work on a VM Server if the automation author isn’t logged in - is it possible to launch Toad Data Point and an automation from the command line? We have a batch processing team who could kick off our monthly processing for us but it would need to be scripted in ControlM

Like that !

C:\Dell\Toad Data Point 3.8\toad.exe -batch=true “D:\TOAD_Prod_Bots\Environnement\32231_Referentiel\32231_3.8_Quotidien_Referentiel_Agences.tas”

The command line above is correct. On the VM image so you have the schedular set to run it not logged on? The image has to be up and running.

Thanks for your replies both. We had some issues with it running correctly around user with batch privileges - when we used an automation id we forgot to get TDP set up for that user and it couldn’t see any of our connections. All sorted now though - thanks again