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Make it possible to Disable QP5-Formatter for Views


There was a CR78,006 in the past adressing this Topic. But Nothing has been changed by the TOAD Developer.
Now in Version 13 of Toad for Oracle there is also no way to disable Auto formatting for Views.
This is very nasty, because I have to use another Editor für Views.

We do nont want any changes in our source Code!!!
Please make it possible as in context menu of procedures, funtions, packages … to enable or even to disable the qp5-formatter.

Best regards


You can turn off formatting of Views in the script tab of the Schema Browser. Is this what you are looking for? You can also choose “Query Only” which returns the SQL exactly as it is contained in the database without any formatting. This will make the source code hard to read. So most need some kind of formatting for legibly.



Note that “Query only” returns just the SQL statement of the Materialized View, not the entire “create view” statement. I think what you want is just uncheck “format”.


Dear Debbie,
thank you very much and excuse my blindness, but I expected this Option in the context-menu as it is for procedures, funktions, packages and so on.
Now all is fine with TOAD!

Best regards