Migrated from 9.7.x to 10.0 and task scheduler is acting up

Good day everyone.

I migrated from version 9.7 to version 10.0 and thought I could go into each scheduled task and change the path of the Toad executable to have it run Toad 10. That didn’t work, so I just recreated my tasks from within Toad 10.

However, I’m having some problems getting all the scheduled tasks to run (to launch). Everything was perfect in 9.7, but 10.0, not so much.

I periodically get an error message that SettingsLocations.ini is being used by another process.

Is this coming up when my scheduled task is trying to launch, and thus, not launching?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Peter,

I’m not seeing the same issue you’re experiencing on this end. I was
able to set up a scheduled task in Toad 10, and have it run without an error. Do
you, perhaps, have any rogue Toad processes running in the background? Perhaps
there’s a Toad process that hasn’t shut down completely and is
locking that file.


Well, I have multiple Toad installs on this machine, which COULD be the problem.

However, I have it set in Toad to allow multiple instances of Toad running, since I have multiple scheduled items that may spawn an instance of Toad.

Hey Peter,

I was wondering more if you have checked your list of running processes to see
if there is a Toad process that either hasn’t finished starting up
correctly, or hasn’t shut down correctly that might be locking that file.
I just wanted to make sure we’re working with a clean slate, where
processes are concerned.

I’ve been doing some more testing to see if I can replicate the issue
you’re seeing. On the scheduled jobs you created, are they happening when
multiple jobs are starting at the same time? I was just able to replicate a
similar error, only with Toad_Gui2.ini, rather than SettingsLocation.ini. Toad
reads and updates a number of INI files every time it runs. If this is occurring
when multiple tasks are scheduled at the same time (Windows, by default,
schedules tasks to the nearest minute), it is possible one instance of Toad is
stepping on the file management of another instance of Toad. If that’s the
case, you may want to adjust the times of your scheduled tasks so that they
launch, say, a minute apart.


No, I don’t have any other Toad processes going except for the one I have open.

I’m a little miffed. I had a job that was supposed to launch at 1245EST that never happened. I don’t get it.

Actually my 1245PM job did run… one of the queries failed, though.

And, my jobs are all scheduled to run at least 15 minutes apart!

Hey Peter,

When you get a moment, could you send me offline your Support bundle (Help à
Support Bundle), as well as the following files:

one place to start would be to try to manually execute the job. if you can’t do that, examine the action log. it may be that it’s not finding the connection information, assuming you had ‘save pwds’ turned on and the connection files copied over to the new install