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Moving from Trial Edition to Licensed Edition


I seem to have made the bad mistake of installing the trial edition of ver 10 on my new laptop until I could get back home and install the licensed version and now after completely uninstalling the trial edition, and installing my licensed edition of Toad for Oracle 10.1 - R2 Suite Commercial, it continues to use the trial edition license. I tried to modify the license, but I can get it to stick. It continues to show the trial license.

I’ve tried several times to get rid of it, a complete uninstall, searched for any files with Quest or Toad, scoured the registry multiple time and still this stupid trial license. I searched for something, but obviously have not found it and I am just fed up with this issue.

Someone please enlighten me on how to modify the license and make it stick or if I need to edit something in the registry. Thanks.


Licensing issues are best addressed by Quest Support.

Are you saying the Help > Licensing > Modify dialog isn’t working
for you?


Brian, no worries…. Toad looks for a trial license first, if found,
it’s used. Once your trial license expires, your commercial key will kick


Hi jaxtgr,

Trial licenses are stored in the registry, and there’s no good way to remove
them. In addition, Toad is designed to use the latest valid license that was
entered. That is to allow customers who might use a lower version of Toad to
test the functionality in higher versions. The Trial version of Toad comes with
a license for Toad for Oracle Xpert edition. If that’s the same edition as your
commercial license, you shouldn’t see any difference in functionality. Once the
30 days have passed, it will automatically revert back to your commercial



Hehe… Looks like Brad and Jeff beat me to this one! :slight_smile: Thanks, Brad and Jeff!



That is exactly what is happening. The modify dialog is not working.


ok, good. I guess I will find out in 20 days. Thanks.


There is actually a pretty good reason for this. Say you are running Base Toad
(commercial) and you want to try out the DBA module. Quest can give you a trial
key for the DBA module and when that expires, Toad will go back to using your
original commercial key.