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My New Beta is Chinese (I think)!

I'm not sure if it's something I've done but I've just installed and on 1st install, everything was in Chinese - toolbars, info bar at the top, menus...everything. I restarted my PC and relaunched Toad and everything seemed like it was back to normal until I started tidying up my toolbars - i.e. hiding the ones I don't use, but the right click menus are all still in Chinese.

Is it a problem with the beta or has my install been corrupted in some way?



It appears it was a corruption - a colleague installed it on his PC and all was fine so I uninstalled and reinstalled on mine and it appears to be ok. Think it was something to do with the patch to take it from to but it’s all ok now!

That is very strange. We do build Chinese at the same time as English, so maybe something got messed up in one of the builds somehow. Can you let me know which link/file you downloaded from on the Beta page and if it was 32/64 bit? I’ll look around to see if I can find anything as well. Thanks for letting us know.

Disregard. I see the problem. It looks like the MSI installer was in Chinese and the patch (MSP) is ok. We’ll get that corrected. Sorry about that.

Ahh great so it wasn’t corrupt then. In my original install, I opened up Toad before applying the patch. When I uninstalled and started again, I applied the patch before opening it up - that must have been what caused the differing behaviours. Thanks.

Exactly. We’re working on putting a new set of files out there to correct the problem. We’ll let everyone know when those are available.