Need two option for UTF-8 in SAVE DIALOGUEs

UTF-8 can be save with or without BOM (See for a discussion of BOM.)

However not all applications can handle a file with BOM at the beginning. For
instance our batch C compiler can’t. So we have to save text that contains
UTF-8 characters as UTF-8 no BOM. Fortunately UltraEdit does this. It gives us a
choice of UTF-8 or UTF-8 No BOM.

Please give us the same options in the Toad SAVE Dialogues.

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Erwin I added this to the Pond just to keep track of it, but it should probably
be done for the spring release regardless.

As an aside, I thought only UTF-8 at one point was the only encoding where it
was optional, so I was surprised by UltraEdit’s addition of it for UTF-16, but
apparently it’s no longer required (though highly recommended) for that encoding

Interestingly, here is a side bar quote from the web site you referenced:

In UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings, unless there is some alternative indicator, the
BOM is essential to ensure correct interpretation of the file’s contents.

Some protocols, such as Microsoft .txt files, require the BOM in all cases.

The problem is that some C compiler croak on the BOM. We found that out the hard


here is a very quick run down on our upgrade of our data warehouse to UTF-8. You
may need to be aware of some of them for Toad changes.

Some of the issues are

Hi Erwin,

The problem is that some C compiler croak on the BOM. We
found that out the hard way.
I would think that those very same C compilers would also croak on the
text if it was in UTF8 as well - if it can't cope with the BOM, then how
on earth will it cope with the (potential) for multi-byte characters?

I suspect some seriously weird error messages may well be the result!

Norm. [TeamT]

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you may want to check the 1st column of the 1st line of the XML
i suspect you may have a suspicious character insrted into the Byte Order Mark
before declaration e.g.

contents of fubar.xml:


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