No connections in Connection/Login window

I got a new laptop running Win7 64-bit and after installing TOAD and
copying my “User Files”, the Connection/Login window is blank when I
start TOAD (as if I had never connected to any database). When I look
at CONNECTIONS.ini, I see all the database connection info (24k file).
The initial install was 10.1 but I just upgraded/installed to
and get the same result. I even tried deleting the CONNECTIONS.INI and
CONNECTIONPWDS.ini. I then made a connection to a database
(successfully). After the connection, the database still doesn’t show
up in the Login/Connection window (though I can see the db information
in the new CONNECTIONS.INI file that was created).

Any ideas?



Perhaps an errant filter or gui issue. Look in the GUISettings subfolder in your user folder and nuke files that start with dxGrid.TfrmLogin.

Nope, no luck. I deleted all the GUISettings/dxGrid.TfrmLogin* files and started TOAD. Still no connections shown.


In the login dialog, make sure to turn off the bottom two options to ‘Show favorites only’ and ‘Show selected home only’


That was it. For some reason the “Show Favorites only” was checked.

Thanks for the help!