No restore button on minimized windows

Toad 16.x. and 17.x

Why is it that when I minimise a window which isn't full screen, such as Describe Objects, the minimised object doesn't have restore widget, only a maximise? So I either have to maximise and then the Restore button, or right click Restore. In terms of user experience, it's really annoying!

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Which version of Windows are you on?

I just did a describe in Toad 17.0 on Windows 10 and I see the restore button right here after I minimize it:


Similarly on the Toad beta on Windows 11:


Hi John

Toad (I had problems with v17),
Windows 11 Pro 21H2, OS build 22000.2538

Maybe it's a Windows 11 issue?

Here's what I see:

Hi Paul,

I remember seeing that for a while and then it went away. I believe it is a problem in Windows. I have Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2, OS Build 22621.3155. I'm sure I had 21H2 at some point in the past. I tried Toad 16.3 on my Windows 11 and it looked as in my screen shots for Toad 17 above.

I also have "Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22684.1000.0". Not sure if that could be a factor or not.


Hi John

I have the same feature pack and build number, but see the problem.

I also only see this problem in Toad, not in other MDI apps.

Well maybe it's not the feature pack but the OS build. Any chance you can update to 22H2? All I know is that I saw this for a while, did some research on how to solve, found no solution, then later noticed that the problem went away. :man_shrugging: