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seit ich die neue Version des SQL Navigator installiert habe, erhalte ich in unregelmäßigen Abständen die oben gennante Fehlermeldung. Danach schließe ich die Session und öffne den Code Editor erneut. Führe ich dann das zuvor fehlgeschlagene SELECT aus funktioniert es anstandslos.

Was ist die Ursache für diesen Fehler?




Hi Ewald,

Thanks for reporting this error. There is an underlying issue in the Oracle connection area in version 7.2. We are really sorry about this and we are taking
highest priority to fix this at the moment. We will let you know once we fix this issue.




Please let us know when this is fixed. I am going back down to 6.7. My navigator takes a Nap (goes busy and greys out). Then eventually after a few times this happens and the only solution is to close navigator and start a new one. I may have a bit more “information”. 6.7 is hanging also. 1 difference is I am using a limited user who does not have dba_tables even though the default says dba tables. Not sure if this makes a difference. Oh, and a 12c database.


Hi DaleFromLozier,

The OCI_INVALID_HANDLE error has been fixed in new v7.3 beta.

Could you try to use new v7.3 beta? and pls let me know if you have any problem.