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TOAD 32 bit beta 61 - Session/New Connection: Save Password doesn't work correctly

In steps:

  1. I opened the Session / New Connection dialog

  2. I have a lot of Databases and users already saved there. I select one of the Users in one database, check the box “Save Pwd” and click on the Button “Connect”

  3. TOAD ask me to enter the Password in a small window.

  4. I enter the Password and TOAD connects me to the database

  5. I close TOAD and open it again

  6. Again i open Session / New Connection, select the same user from above, but TOAD again ask me for the Password !?

Thanks. I can reproduce that.

This is fixed in the next build. You’ll need to enter the password once more though.

beta 63 works fine now, thanx.