Selected entry forgotten in login dialog

Prior to v16.2 the latest entry I had used to login was pre-selected.
Now with 16.2 and 16.3 beta it is always the topmost entry that is selected in the login dialog

I do not know if I have changed some setting by mistake or if it is a bug.
I would like to have the option to remember latest login restored again.

HI Esko,

So, the change was from 16.1 to 16.2? I don't think it was an intentional change. I will take a look at it soon and get back to you.


Ok, here is what I tried to reproduce this:

  1. Started 16.1 and grouped the login window as yours is in the screen shot. I assume that you don't have any column off to the right sorted from clicking the column header.
  2. Made several connections until I had 3 groups each with 2 or 3 connections in them, like below (in this case, SYS@azure_18c_plug is the most recent connection)
  3. Closed 16.1 and Started 16.2. Imported settings from 16.1 into 16.2. Let it restart.
  4. The login window looks the same in 16.2 as it did in 16.1.

So, whatever the problem is, I was unable to reproduce it. If you have any more details, please let me know.

I suspect it is something with LoginWindowLastSelectedUser and LoginWindowLastSelectedServer in Toad.ini. it seems to ignore the values in Toad 16.2 for me

If I copy over Toad.ini from my 16.1 folder to the 16.2 the latest entry sticks as long as I actually do not login to 16.2 and just cancels, but if I login once, then it is back to selecting the first entry even if I never logged in using that entry, should I send a PM with both Toad.ini files to you?

sure. I still can't reproduce it.

Ok, I was able to reproduce it and I think I have it fixed for next beta.


I will give it a try when it comes out, I have foregin travel for work next week so it will take a while though before I can test it.

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