Pin quick filters

I cannot figure out the filter dialog, if you have any good documenation on how to use it, I would like a link.

Something I would really find useful, would be the ability to pin quick filters both when right clicking as well as when you open the combo box

Hi Esko,

I can look at the pin idea for next version.

What don't you understand about the "big" filter dialog? I don't know of any thorough docs for it, but I'm happy to answer a question.

In short, if you specify something in there, it's going to modify the SQL that loads the list of objects. You can check "View/Edit Query before Executing" if you want to see what SQL it's going to run. You can also modify the SQL manually at that point.


Great, thanks for looking into pinning.

I tested to see if I could get the same tables through the big filter as I have in quick filter, as I like to option to have named filters and just selecting through the dropdown.
I got it working same to what I have in my quick filter, it was just syntax, I should not have the parenthesis in the In box, which I tried first


Does not work

Thanks for the info. I can make it tolerant of having parens there.