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Problem with child windows that refuse to close -

Hello All, while using toad and doing everyday programmer sql tasks, I use Toad quite a bit. I don’t know what I do that triggers the problem, but multiple times a day (at most within a half hour of opening Toad), some of the child windows will start to refuse to close. Specifically noticed on the Find window or the Describe Objects window. After using them for what I need to do, I will try to close them either by the “Close” button or the “X” button, and nothing will be done, the window stays open. At this point the only thing I can do is to minimize the unused window (that doesn’t doc inside Toad itself) or close Toad completely and start a new instance.

Anyone have any ideas of why this is happening? What triggers it? How can I avoid it? Or even better, how to fix it so this isn’t a problem. It is very annoying.

Thanks ahead of time.


are there any errors that come up in the window before you try to close them? if
so, that may have something to do with it.

For example, some windows won’t close when they are busy, but if there is
an error, our ‘busy’ flag could be wrong.

Similarly, if a dialog displays and pushed behind Toad the foreground window may
be unresponsive. Alt+Tab away and back to Toad to see if a dialog comes into
the foreground. This should be obvious if the find dialog will not accept
clicks. For example, clicking a button does not depress it.

The buttons are available and depress. The child window is still completely functional. I can minimize the non-closing windows and come back to them and still use them. For example, if I needed to do another find, the find window will still work. If I hit F4 to describe another object, the non-closing object browser opens a new tab and describes the new object.

As for any possible errors. None show up when clicking the two different close buttons, unless they are redirected to an error tab (for example near the messages, dbms output, script output, etc). If so, I can look next time it happens.

The problem just occurred again. I looked at the “messages” tab and its sub-tab “errors” is blank. Close and X do nothing, minimize and maximize work as expected.

ok, which window was that? if Describe Objects – I’m wondering if it
happens on a particular object being described…

This was the find window. I have not done too much in this instance of Toad. I opened toad, connected to one of our db’s, typed text in an editor window, used the find command, closed the window fine. described an object, closed the window fine. At least I think both closed fine.

Then I moved the Toad window from one monitor to another and saw a find window behind it. I am not sure if I opened another find window after the initial test or not though, but that is the one that will not close.

I don’t see anything in the find dialog code that is preventing it from closing,
however, the find dialog never truly closes in the traditional sense. It will
hide when it is closed and is only fully destroyed when the parent window is
destroyed. Is there anything unique about your setup? Are you working on a
virtual machine by chance or anything else that is outside of a normal
non-virtual Windows installation?


Normal business type installation, xp pro sp3, 2 gigs ram, i5 2.39ghz CPU laptop.

Maybe I’ll try to re-install Toad one of these days since this seems like an anomaly.