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query for update

When I select * from table for update, is there a way to unlock the rows retrieved so that I can update the data? I need to test that updates are triggering correctly on a table for about 100 columns and the easiest way would be to just kepp changing the data in the output and commit. In other tools there is an unlock on the query output when you select * from table for update. Toad doesn’t have an unlock button…



Query like this:

Select T.Rowid, T.*

from MyTable T

Or as a shortcut you can just type "Edit MyTable "

Toad doesn’t have an unlock button

Toad even doesn’t lock records, but Oracle.


So you must place Oracle release command for that …




select * from table for update will not fire update trigger, but only make pessimistic locking mechanism that you can update all records in the future session time, regardless other users do in their own sessions.