Rename file under version control does not rename on disk

I have a text document held inside a folder in a TDM 6.1 x86 Project folder under Subversion/TortoiseSVN bin control.

I have R/W permissions on the Subversion Repository and on the Project working folder

When I rename a document inside a TDM version-controlled folder, that filename does change in Toad, but it does NOT change the name of the file on disk.


  1. the filename in TDM no longer matches the filename on disk
  2. I can no longer activate the file from within TDM (double-click has no behaviour)
  3. version control retains the earlier name of the file
  4. version control does not know this newly-named file
    Is this a feature or a bug, and is renaming non-Toad files from within TDM a bad idea?

As stated in a Post some time ago, the Project concept in Toad has merit but it must offer reliable file name/move/edit/delete functionality, else the concept is too limited for me to commit to using it as a ‘project’ manager.



Hello Greg,

it is bug.

When you rename Model in Project it should rename only model, not file.

When you rename not TDM file, it should rename file on disc.

I create issue TDM-3472, you can track it in release notes in next versions.



Beauty, thanks Daril.

Regards. Greg

Hello !

This has been fixed in version 6.3 which can be downloaded at

For more information about this release please have a look at the Releases Notes at