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Replace window will not exit in editor

After a long time passes with inactivity, the replace dialog appear and on occasion an execution dialog box appears when session is active again. Cannot eXit or cancel, so I have to drag it to the bottom of the screen. The only way to make it go away is to exit from the editor or have to restart new session. Since I use GTT, restarting not desirable. Has this been identified as a bug or is there something I can do without losing all my data? Thanks in advance.


What is GTT?

This has been brought up recently in February. The script execution dialog remaining is resolved. The Find/Replace dialog is not. The dialog is (unfortunately) required to exist for the search/replace to retain its current state. This should be broken apart to allow the UI to actually deallocate vs. hide as it is now. I will log this. I have no idea why in these two cases these dialogs are showing for you guys. They are marked as hidden yet something is stepping in and restoring visibility it seems.


I believe the windows being reactivated in my case are due to the way the Video driver reacts when I remove an external display from my laptop. I do not think this is a Toad issue as I have since noticed similar issues with Outlook as well. There is a simple way to make the Replace window go hidden again once it appears and is non-responsive, just navigate to a place in Toad that recognizes Control-R and bring up what Toad now thinks is an unhidden version of the window. Now the eXit and Cancel options are enabled and will hide the window again. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for posting a workaround, Michael. I'll update the bug report to include it.

Thank you for replying so quickly. GTT is Global Temporary Table. Our IT group won’t allow table space and data is only around when the session is active. It a big pain but it’s a State facility with limited funding. I will try the workaround and see if that helps. Thank you.