Request to have uncommitted transactions in session visible in the tool bar

I have been using Toad for several years and it seems like a very common issue for developers to have successfully executed transactions in one of a few Toad sessions trying to figure out why the data changes are not appearing for other instances hitting the same source. It is a self-inflicted situation, I acknowledge, which I have observed in the most meticulous developers that has taken a good portion of time to resolve. The proposal that I have is that there be a visible change in the toolbar to let the developer know that there are transactions that have been executed and not committed. Essentially make the notifications received when closing a Toad instance of uncommitted transactions existing being visible in the tool bar.

Thanks Eric Sims

The newest couple versions of Toad have a “Transactions” button on the main toolbar (right next to commit/rollback) that you can use to check transactions. We don’t just have an indicator light up directly on the toolbar, because doing so would mean constant polling of the database, which would defeat timeouts for inactivity.

How about an option to allow for an uncommitted transaction count cart that updates on execution of DML and initialized on commit ? No extra polling needed.

Give the transactions window a try. You can just leave it open while you work if you want, and that would achieve your goal.

I’ll think about your suggestion. It’s not as simple as it might seem to due background sessions in Toad and the fact that it’s not just DML that can begin a transaction. It would be easy to get this mostly right but to get it completely right might be tricky. Though undesirable in certain situations, it’s a lot easier to just check on a timer, the way the transactions window does (and it keeps the info for all connections in one place)