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Transaction Window Issues

Issue #1
There is a display/layout issue with the Refresh option in the toolbar of the Transactions window when the window is opened and the initial size is small.

If I resize to window so that the Refresh option can fit then it displays properly in the toolbar.

If I then make it small again it displays as expected.

If I close and reopen the window then we are back to displaying improperly as in the first screen capture.

Issue #2
This is more a feature request than an issue. Toad remembers the Transactions window size but it doesn't remember the column order if I rearrange the columns. It would be nice to remember the screen location as well.

Hi Ray,

Thanks, I can reproduce #1. #2 will be an easy thing to add while I'm in there.


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Thanks for the quick turnaround on this!
I was testing the fix in Beta and here is some feedback:

  • Transaction tab column order and column size is now remembered. Yay!

  • Now that Transactions view is a tab on the Output Window it inherited the ability to remember the window location and size. Yay!

  • The Output window (and Transactions tab) is always-on-top when undocked. Is there an option to turn off the always-on-top behavior?

  • Session/Transactions menu item opens the Output Window with the Transaction tab and the General tab showing. However the View/Output Window menu item doesn't remember that I had the Transactions tab open last and just opens the General tab.

  • I would prefer to have the Transactions as a dockable window independent of the Output Window. It doesn't make sense to me that Transactions are lumped in with Output.

Hi Ray,

Re: Always-on-top - no, it looks like all the docked windows stay on top when floating. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do from my end on this but I'll look.

Spool SQL is also down there in the output window (you can right-click on the tabs where "general" and "Transactions" are to activate it). I guess I just followed that when I put it down there. I'll take a look at making that separate.

Re: View -> Output not remembering which tab you had open: Hm, yeah, true. Not sure if I'd call that a bug or not, but I guess if I separate it out, this one goes away.

Thanks for the feedback.


I agree, View-> Output not remembering the tabs is not a bug. I mentioned it because it seemed inconsistent. Both tabs showing when selecting Transactions but only 1 tab showing when selecting Output.