Transaction Window Issues

Issue #1
There is a display/layout issue with the Refresh option in the toolbar of the Transactions window when the window is opened and the initial size is small.

If I resize to window so that the Refresh option can fit then it displays properly in the toolbar.

If I then make it small again it displays as expected.

If I close and reopen the window then we are back to displaying improperly as in the first screen capture.

Issue #2
This is more a feature request than an issue. Toad remembers the Transactions window size but it doesn't remember the column order if I rearrange the columns. It would be nice to remember the screen location as well.

Hi Ray,

Thanks, I can reproduce #1. #2 will be an easy thing to add while I'm in there.


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Thanks for the quick turnaround on this!
I was testing the fix in Beta and here is some feedback:

  • Transaction tab column order and column size is now remembered. Yay!

  • Now that Transactions view is a tab on the Output Window it inherited the ability to remember the window location and size. Yay!

  • The Output window (and Transactions tab) is always-on-top when undocked. Is there an option to turn off the always-on-top behavior?

  • Session/Transactions menu item opens the Output Window with the Transaction tab and the General tab showing. However the View/Output Window menu item doesn't remember that I had the Transactions tab open last and just opens the General tab.

  • I would prefer to have the Transactions as a dockable window independent of the Output Window. It doesn't make sense to me that Transactions are lumped in with Output.

Hi Ray,

Re: Always-on-top - no, it looks like all the docked windows stay on top when floating. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do from my end on this but I'll look.

Spool SQL is also down there in the output window (you can right-click on the tabs where "general" and "Transactions" are to activate it). I guess I just followed that when I put it down there. I'll take a look at making that separate.

Re: View -> Output not remembering which tab you had open: Hm, yeah, true. Not sure if I'd call that a bug or not, but I guess if I separate it out, this one goes away.

Thanks for the feedback.


I agree, View-> Output not remembering the tabs is not a bug. I mentioned it because it seemed inconsistent. Both tabs showing when selecting Transactions but only 1 tab showing when selecting Output.

Having the Transaction window tied to the Output window is not working out for me. I have the Transaction window open so that I can visually keep track which session have pending transactions. I work on a lot of sessions simultaneously.

The problem is that every time I run a query the focus switches to the General tab and I have to click on the Transaction tab to see if I have transactions pending. It defeats the purpose of having a visual reminder that I can glance at if I always have to click on the tab to see it.

If I can't have the Transactions tab separate at least let me close the General tab and leave the Transactions tab open. Alternatively have an option to not switch focus to the General tab when messages are written to it.


Hi Ray,

That is a great point. I'm sorry I didn't discover that while making the changes. I'll separate it out for the next version, or at least make a way to lock it on the transactions tab.


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So, I'm looking at this....

What if I made an option to do the transaction checking somewhere in the options window (or as a right-click on the connection bar button) and then just change the connection bar icons when there is a transaction? Then you don't need a separate window for it. Or do you like the other data in the transactions window besides just the Yes/No of "in transaction"?

Showing transaction status right on the connection button/tab is a great idea. Even something as simple as an asterix would work and would be consistent with the edit window tabs indicating unsaved changes.

How would the refresh frequency be managed in that case? The Options window takes a while to load and save so bypassing it and going directly to the refresh setting somewhere like the toolbar would be nice.

Yeah I think maybe right-click from connection bar or dropdown arrow next to the button to launch the transactions window would be a good place to turn it on/off and set the frequency.

At first I was thinking of replacing transactions window with this but I can keep the window available also incase some people would rather have that.

Next beta:

A: Icon indicating "in transaction" (also in tooltip if you hover over it)
B: Separate dock panel
C: Option to monitor transactions even when transactions window is not open

That's very thorough coverage of the concerns, thanks! Can't wait to check it out in the beta.
Just to be clear, Is feature A controlled by feature C? If Transaction window is open but C is off will it show A?

A will always show if we are monitoring for transactions, with C checked or unchecked.

So A will always show or only when Transaction window is open?

Short answer: Always

Long answer: The asterisk on the connection button will always show if the connection is in transaction and either:

  1. the transactions form is open
  2. the transactions form is not open but "Always" was checked last time the transaction window was open (so it continues to monitor w/o the window)

Got it. Thanks again.

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