Runtime Error 217

One of the users here get’s this error quite regularly. Any idea what it is? Version 6.7.0

Memory locations always end in F5C2

Start with:

0610, 0678, 0683 (recently)…

What is the OS version he is running? Can you please ask him to check how many history statements does he have? I remember that we used to have some problems with large number of history statements in v6.7, but I am not sure if it’s the exact reason which caused his problem. If he does have a large number of history entries, try to delete some or just rename the history file under user data folder see if the problem still exists.

Windows 7 32 bit. The install for Nav 6.7 had an additional .exe to copy over the installed version, this has all been done. I am running a nearly identical PC and I am not having this problem. His history has 603 entries. I have 2403 without the problem.