Saving Schema Browser Filters

Would it be possible to have a change on Save Schema Browser Filers,
That you can save based on BOTH Connection and Username,
I seem to remember sometime ago there was a TOAD version that did do this.

It would be very good, as I work with My Own Account when doing "normal day to day" stuff, so we have accountability thought the Auditing processes.
and as the "App" Schema Owner, when deploying/releasing code, etc...
and many a time, the filters for these are never the same.

Also as we switch from different Instances, DEV/QA/UAT etc... what we are filtering on is also different....

Have only Connection or Username to save by, means you have to then reapply/enter the filers when you switch databases &/or users....


Hi Sean.

Did you try it on "per connection"? That means User+DB, and it sounds like you are reading it as just "DB".

For User, we save to User Files\<User Name>.sbflt
For Connection, we save to User FIles\Databases\<Database Name>\<User Name>.sbflt

...or are you asking for filters to be saved globally, without regard to user/db?


Ah. My Bad I don't think I put my query/question correctly.

From your reply I think you are talking about the "Filters" that are applied to each "Table" in the Browser, to filter the Data selected...

So I don't think I made it very clear that I Am talking about the Filter that is used to Filter the "Table NAMES" on the Right hand side of the Schema Browser...


Apologises for that...

Ah, ok.

The screen shot in options that you gave only applies to what I call the "big" filter (the one under the funnel icon).

The one you are talking about, I call the quickfilter. So we have the big and the quick.


The quick is saved without regard to user or server or anything. It is saved in User Files\SBFilterHist.xml.

We have options to save that info per-object type (see below), but that's all.


So your request is to save it per-connection then? So if you enter a filter on user1@db1, the only time you'll see it in history (and the only time it will auto-restore) is when you connect to user1@db1. Is that right?

Yep. That would be correct.
Simply because , when we have different Schemas which are the APP Owners , as it were,
and the tables are different in each so applying/restoring the same filter in this case does not work, as when you switch from user1@db1 to userx@db1 the table list is blank.
and when I switch from user1@db1 to user1@QADB to user1@UATDB
for example though same user, I would have filtered on different Tables in different Environments. because of the different issues in each...
I treat this is a nice to have ...

I've logged it as an ER for 17.1