Schema Browser filter users by profile?

Let's say I have END_USER, SERVICE_ACCOUNT and DEFAULT profiles. Can I configure the left pane of the Users browser to show only users where profile='END_USER'?

I haven't found a way to do this, but may be missing something obvious.

There is no specific way to filter users by profiles but there are a couple of ways to work around it.

The first is to right-click in the user column header, and check "Profile" so that column is displayed

Then click the "Profile" column header to sort by it.

The other thing you could do is change the SQL that Toad runs to load the SB:
Filter -> Then check "View/Edit". If you want your changes to persist for more than just the next load of the SB, check the "Custom Filter" box too.

Then when you hit OK, this dialog will appear and you can alter the SQL however you like:

John, thanks for the thorough explanation. Think I will go with the first option for now.

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