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Saving setting to import to a new database name

Good Afternoon TOAD Team,

We are migrating our databases to the cloud and then updating database version. If I update TNSnames.ora to the new database using the old database name I can keep my settings, [Favorites, saved passwords, custom queries (in schema browser), custom filters ...]. Is there a way to save the setting for a database and import the settings for a new database name (the new database name happens to be identical to the old name)? As we upgrade databases this is also an issue. The capability would be nice to have.


Hi Larry,

In the User Files folder, there is a "Databases" folder. Under that you'll find folders named after tnsnames entries. If you copy one of those subfolders from the name of the old tnsnames entry to the new, I think that'll do it. At least most of it. If you notice something that doesn't cover, let us know.


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Good Morning John,

Thank you! That worked great.

I was having trouble finding the directory, but a DOS command in c:\ found them as the last entries; then they were easy to navigate; don't know what my issue was:
C:>dir Databases.* /s

C:\Users\z-Larry-Wickliffe\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.2 beta\User Files\Databases


Ah, sorry, I should have mentioned - a sure way to find that folder is:

  1. go to Toad options -> General
  2. click on the "Open Folder" button on the right.
  3. An explorer window opens, browse down to User Files
  4. Close Toad and do whatever you need to do

Sounds like you found it, but for those with multiple copies of Toad installed, this method will take you to the correct place.

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