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SB Data Appearance Toggles- when turned on, stay on for other tables

When I toggle the Group Panel or Navigator to appear for a particular table, then select another table(s) that I haven’t toggled on (or off), the Data grid Appearance is set to that of the previous table. If I toggle off the Group Panel or Navigator for the 2nd table, clicking between the 2 tables acts as expected.

Can all the tables that haven’t been explicitly toggled ON be set to OFF?

It looks like the visibility of the group by box is saved with the “save layouts” feature. But then once the group by box becomes visible, it will stay visible until you click on a table that has layout information saved with the group by box not visible. So if you just turn it off when you get to the next table, it should stay off until you turn it back on again (unless you click on a table with the layout saved as having the group by box ON).

If your “Save layouts” setting is off, then the group by box will appear for all tables when you enable it, and disappear for all tables when you disable it.

I have “save layouts” checked and want to keep it checked. Looks like this has been the behavior for quite a long time. Maybe it’s always been the case but for some reason I thought otherwise.

So it appears there’s no good way to set the toggles off for all tables unless explicitly set to on. If so, I can certainly reset the toggles, once I click away from a table with toggle(s) on.

Yeah I think the behavior has been this way for a long time. One more thing I just noticed - just toggling the group by box’s visibility isn’t enough to cause the grid to realize that it needs to save a new layout (we only update the layout file when something changes). So if you are toggling the group by box and you want that to ‘stick’ for the selected table, also make a slight adjustment on a column width so that the grid will realize that it needs to save.

I’ll make a change for next beta so that the grid will update the layout when the group by box’s visibility is changed.