Schedule a task to output file to network drive

I automated a task in TOAD and was trying to use Windows Scheduler to run it weekly. In order for the output file to be saved to a network drive, in the schedule item properties (General tab) must have the "Run only when user is logged in" option enabled.

Hi Bastak,

This is a windows scheduler limitation. It would happen with any other application that you run from a scheduler which tries to access a network location.

I did a little googling and found this:

If you have configured the task to run as a user account, and you entered the user's password when prompted, then use the UNC path (\\ServerName\ShareName) instead of the drive letter.

Does it help?


thanks John, I was wondering if that was the issue, but with the "Run only when user is logged in" option enabled, it does recognize the drive letter and successfully executes the task

Hi Bastak,

I understand that you can specify the drive letter when logged in, but...

I can't tell from your reply - are you saying that the suggestion on that Microsoft forum didn't work?