Scheduler in Toad 5.6 for a Bi-Weeky schedule runs weekly and not Bi-Weekly

At first I thought it was my mistake but no I have checked it multiple occasions. Below I have a screen shot I took this am. Last week after the script ran on 5/9 the next run date was 5/23 so I thought it was good to go but then it ran today. Ugh. I am not really sure how else to get a script to run Bi-Weekly. I welcome all solutions. Thank You.

Hmmm... Did you check the Job Manager in TDP to make sure that the job is specified to run every other Monday? Or, checking the Windows Task Scheduler manifest to be sure of the settings?

Yes as shown in the screen shot above. It is set to 9:30 am every Monday of every 2 weeks starting 5/9. I checked the schedule on 5/13 and it showed the next run date as 5/23 so I thought it was good to go. Then Monday 5/16 it ran on the off Monday.