TOAD 13 scrolling slow in schema browser

Scrolling in the left-side window of the schema browser is very slow for me in TOAD 13. It feels like there is a timing loop installed, as the window only scrolls at one slow speed when using the mouse wheel. For reference, I have the Logitech MX Master mouse. Is there any setting that will return the fast scrolling?

Oh, I see that in Tree-view mode. It still scrolls normally in tabbed or dropdown modes. No, there is no setting you can change for this. This was not an intentional change. I think the default must have changed when we got an update on that component. I’ll look for a solution and let you know. For now, a good workaround is to click and drag the scroll slider or click above or below it on the scrollbar.

It should be fixed once we get into betas again.