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Is server statistic available in TOAD 12

Is server statistic available in TOAD 12

What do you mean by this? I grep whole help file and haven’t found anything that start with “server” (except “Server side objects”, which i snot what you ask).

I’m pretty sure that all features from 11 are present and evaluated in 12 version. But until you describe more briefly what you think, cannot help you.



Tava -

That window was removed many versions ago because it contained out-of-date information, most of which is available elsewhere in Toad. If there was some bit of information from that window that you particularly miss, let me know which one, and I can likely tell you of another place in Toad to find it.

That screen used to be in toad base/standard edition - and the screens that offer the same info (and far more) tend to be in the optional db admin module. So you may need to buy the dba admin module if you’re doing more dba type work. As John said that screen had been written back in the late 90’s and never updated - so it was useless. The db admin module also offers a cool screen called db health check which will check you db for hundreds of common mistakes - often with advice on how to fix them. So the db admin module is worth a test drive - talk to sales and get a trial key to see if that helps …

and the screens that offer the same info (and far more) tend to be in the optional db admin module

Bert, what are telling here? How to see that option?



Main menu -> Help -> About. Look at the text about what version of toad - for example maybe Toad for Oracle Xpert, version 12.1.1. Then under that text look for text: Add-Ons: DB Admin Module. If you see that then you have the db admin module - otherwise you do not.

Bert, I thought what “server statistic” info you are speaking about … where to find that?



Ah - there’s no docs on that - just John and I know because we been doing toad forever …

Uf … you got me!


Original post: “Is server statistic available in TOAD 12” and then you speak about some “windows” that are not available but partially are … uf I said … “wth”, I do not have a clue what these guys are speaking about …

All clear… thx for response …

Hi, THanks for your answer.

We had TOAD 10 and there was Server Statistics and now we have upgraded to TOAD 12 and Server Statistics is missing there.



As was said multiple times in this forum thread - that screen was removed, retired, dropped. The up-to-date equivalent functionality is in other screens. please read the thread again.