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Session Browser display issues


The lower panel Locks tab is not displaying Owner, Object Type, and Object Name. The upper panel Locks tab displays correctly.

When moving between lower panel Locks tab and upper panel Locks tab, the data is not refreshing. In the upper panel Locks tab, I always have to refresh to see correct data. Moving between tabs used to refresh automatically. When moving from upper panel Locks tab back to Sessions tab with the lower panel Locks tab visible, its displaying whatever was displayed on the upper panel Locks tab regardless of what session is highlighted.


It’s working here - do you have the “Fetch details” checkbox unchecked?


Fetch details is always checked. Refresh is usually left unchecked.

It gets even weirder - Session Browser displays Sessions in db1, click on upper Locks tab, then changed connection to db2, it refreshed the Locks window, went back to Sessions window and it was displaying sessions from db1.


though the title bar and status bar both indicated db2.

A manual refresh corrected this, of course.


As you change sessions, the Lower/RHS locks tab should clear. I see that it is not. This is fixed for next beta. I still don’t see what you’re talking about with the original problem, but it’s possible that the change I made will fix both.


John, I still have the refresh problem in .53. From the upper Sessions tab, select Session with no locks, click on lower Locks tab, panel is blank. Click on upper Locks tab, window is blank - does not auto-refresh! A manual refresh sits there for a few moments, then shows a bunch of locks. Back to Session tab, lower locks panel shows locks from the upper Locks screen. A refresh clears out the locks panel.

And the “weirder” issue I mentioned before is still a problem.


Sorry, give it one more beta. The beta build process was already in motion when I fixed this, so I should have said to check it on Thursday’s beta, not Monday’s.