Shortcut to toggle between QuickDescribe Windows and/or Main Windoe

Hi all,

I make heavy usage of QuickDescribe function to open one PopUp per connection (“Stay on top” enabled, “Allow multiple connections” disabled). Therefore I have often two or more QuickDescs open. Is there a shortcut to push the focus between each of the QuickDesc windows and/or also the main window? I’d prefer not to touch the mouse for this. F6, which toggles focus within the main window between editor and output pane doesn’t work.

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F4 when cursor is on object?

But how popup window is defined is regulated through: View|Toad options|Schema Browsers|Describe Dialogs

Play with “Dsiplay Style” and “Grouping” options.

Pressing F4 with cursor an object already opened in a Describe popup just makes it visible, but does not put the focus into that window. And how to get focus back to main window, once it resides within the Desc popup (without closing it)?

The behaviour of the Desc popups itself is exactly as want to have it.



Hi Marco,

I’m sorry, there is no keyboard shortcut for toggling between the stay-on-top describe window and the main toad window.

I’m open to suggestions on what that shortcut should be.


Maybe CTRL+Tab would be good. That’s used to toggle between MDI windows within Toad.

Hi John,

as F6 toggles between editor and lower pane (data grid, DBMS output, …), Shift-F6 could toggle between main window and the QuickDesc windows. Having the focus in the QuickDesc, F6 then would browse through all open QuickDescs.

Another thing I’d appreciate, is an option to let the stay-on-top QuickDesc windows open as normal windows, appearing in the Windows task bar. Then one could take advantage of multi-monitor setups, using Alt-Tab to toggle windows.

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You can drag the describe dialog to another monitor already. But to make it show up in the windows task bar, I think it would have to be a separate app, which would be a big undertaking.

Shfit+F6 would be fine to toggle to/from the describe dialog, but the reason I said CTRL+Tab is because that already goes from one window in Toad’s window toolbar to the next, so it seems to be a good fit.

To switch between objects in the describe dialog, you can use ALT+PgUp/PgDown (same as switching between tabs in the Editor)