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SnagIt, print Screen and TOAD


A coworker just asked me why i can’t use print screen to trigger SnagIt in TOAD. I confirmed that I can indeed use print screen (the default hot key for screen capture in SnagIt) outside of TOAD, but with our beloved amphibian print screen does nothing. if I change the hotkey for SnagIt to something like ctrl-shift-prt scrn it work in or out of TOAD.

I don’t see any shortcuts defined to Print Screen nor any short cut for Print Screen to be defined.

Any ideas?


Does it happen anywhere within Toad or only with certain windows or controls active? I don’t have SnagIt installed, but PrintScrn works for me with Toad active/focused.


It seems to be pretty consistent. Editor and SB both ignore or capture the print Screen button, but don’t seem to do anything with it and it appears to be overriding SnagIt. But as I said, if I remap SnagIt to use Ctrl-Shift-PrtScrn it works fine.


The other option would be to set a 5 second delay in SnagIt and then switch windows to Toad before the countdown timer finishes.


Check your PMs, Chris.


I’d recommend the free and opensource and far more capable program greenshot. Been using it for years, works great.


Thanks for the advice, but it has the exact same problem. Weird.


Interesting. If you disable SnagIt, Greenshot, etc. does PrintScrn still work to capture the whole screen bmp? Which keyboard layout do you use? I’m using US English.


Yea that is strange. I have been using toad+greenshot for probably 6 or 7 years.


Could it be that you have a different shortcut mapped to the PrtSc button? You can get a report of all shortcuts: Tools>Options>Keyboard>Report.


He sent me his entire user files folder and I’m unable to reproduce using his settings so I don’t believe there is a shortcut mapping issue here.

There was some offline discussion and I’m unable to reproduce in 32 or 64-bit Toad using SnagIt. My test machine is Win7 though and @crjohnso is using Win10. Sometime later today I’ll fire up my Win10 image and try there.


I’m also on Win10 1709, Toad


Toad for Oracle is up to version 13.2 beta. Are you using a Toad product other than Toad for Oracle?


oh sorry, should have specified. I use Toad Data Point.


Ok. This forum is for Toad for Oracle.


Oops, my bad, I just clicked through a link in the weekly forum digest.


No, I thought of that and that was the first thing I checked. As I said, if I map it to something else it works, and print screen/SnagIt works outside of Toad.


I just noticed... if I click off of Toad (so Toad loses focus) then hit print screen it works.


Earlier I was testing this on Windows 7, but have since tried on Windows 10 to match your OS using the most recent SnagIt and printscreen is working for me there to invoke SnagIt's capture. I installed trial version of SnagIt 2019.1.1 (64-bit) (Build 2860) which differs from the exact version that you are using, but it's what they have on the site readily available.