Splash screen hangs under new VPN

TOAD is hanging at the splash screen for 10-20 minutes when I start up. I'm looking for info I can pass on to get the issue resolved.

I'm working remotely and my company recently switched from CISCO AnyConnect VPN to a different VPN, GlobalProtect. But under the new VPN the Toad splash screen hangs for 10-20 minutes before proceeding with startup. Startup is still fast and smooth like normal when I switch back to CISCO so its obviously some contention between TOAD and GlobalProtect.

The splash screen was stopping at "checking for updates". When I turned that off its now stopping at "Setting global options"

Can anyone tell me what Toad is doing at this point and what URLs and ports it might be trying to use? Or possibly folders or files that could be experiencing contention? Is there a way to log startup to see what's happening?

FWIW, I'm on a licensed version of

TOAD acts like its is looking for something and then timing out and proceeding. It just hung again for a while in not responding mode and is now live again.

Navigate to your User Files for your install which can be found from inside of the product.
Options > General > Application data directory > Open Folder

Open the User Files folder (and with Toad closed) edit Toad.ini to include a new flag InternetAccess=0 under [SETTINGS].

Relaunch Toad and this should get you going. One thing to note though is that this does disable Internet access throughout the product.

If you need internet access in Toad, it may also be a good idea to check the following two places as well:

  • If the new VPN is connecting you to a virtual network that internally uses a proxy server to get outside the network, you may need to update those settings in Toad in Options > Online > Proxy Settings

  • In addition, if the two VPN's (Cisco and GlobalProtect) connect you to two different virtual networks, you may want to have your security team compare the list of whitelisted outgoing addresses between the first and second networks. You may need to request that they open access to any "*.quest.com" outgoing address.

Hope this information helps!