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Split Editor and Compiling Problems

I don’t always see this, but once I’ve had an editor tab open for a while and have been running SQL from both panes, I start to have problems running SQL using F9 without having the code selected. I’ll either get an invalid character error, or invalid SQL statement error. This mostly happens in the right hand pane, and if I select the text, then use F9 the code will run just fine.



Phyllis Helton

Data Magician
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Hi Phyllis,

When this occurs do you happen to notice that incorrect syntax errors are reported, squiggles or gutter images, assuming you have the option enabled to show these? Try refreshing the parser data by clicking the refresh button on the navigator panel. See if that straightens it out. Boneist reported an incorrect syntax error issue that I’ve seen and I wonder if the two are related and mucking up the statement location data.