Unavailable editor

Hello. I have a strange problem with editor.
For example i have some sql cose in editor, then if i’ close toad and reopen- my code won’t bу able to execute. But if i’ll open new editor window and copy that code there-everything will be ok.

My first thought on this is an encoding error.

What are your regional settings set to?
What is the language of your OS?
Go to the right click of the editor and expand the Character Encoding menu. What is selected?
Try choosing a different encoding and see if that resovlves your issue.

The editor should be determining your encoding properly, so if not, let me know so we can fix.


Кириллица( Windows)
I’m from Russia.
And when i open new editor window encoding is the same.
In my opinion this is smth like blocking old editor window.

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I need more details.

  1. Give example of the SQL statement that is opened in the editor. Attach script if possible.
  2. How are you executing it? Using F5, F9, Menu, wizard bar, etc
    2a) Where is your cursor when you execute?
  3. What do you see when you try to execute? Any messages?
    3a) Highlight the SQL you want to execut and then press F9.
  4. Does the edtior go to the messages tab or result tab?
  5. What does the message tab say?
  6. Dp you see any messages in the foot of the application?
  7. From the View menu open the background processes.
  8. Execute again and see if the backgorund processes window has any content.

We should know more with this data.


Note: F5 and F9 are different and depend on where your cursor is.