Splitter bar in Navigation Manager unresponsive

Anyone ever have any issue with the splitter bars in Navigation Manager?

Every so often the lowest splitter bar in my navigation manager (the adjustable bar splitting the items in Object Explorer from the detail below) is completely unresponsive.

Yesterday TDA was connected to the company’s oracle database and a seperate mysql database. I could see the details for the selected objects on the Oracle side, but when I switched over to the MySQL database the bar was collapsed all the way to the bottom and would not move when I tried to drag it with the mouse. I disconnected/reconnected to all databases, shut down/restarted TDA, but to no avail. I didn’t restart my machine because I had a ton of other work going on.

I came in this morning prepared to reboot the machine, and it was working.

Anyone got any ideas?

I have seen this issue in TDA 2.6. I entered a CR and the issue is resolved in 2.7 which is due out at the end of this month.

Thanks for the post:)