SQL Modified to Match Connection Syntax - How to Disable?

I find myself cutting code from one tab to another under the scenario where one tab is connected to Oracle and the other to Netezza.

Toad Data point is currently modifying the code to 'match the connection syntax' of the tab I am copying to.

In fact after the paste is complete, Toad Data Point gives me a 'SQL modified to match connection syntax' confirmation message.

Can I disable the SQL modification in this case?

I cannot seem to find an option that will turn off the code modification.

Thanks all!

I can reproduce this if I'm pasting another database's SQL in the QUERY tab of the Visual Query Builder for another connection, but this is intended behavior when using the Query Builder.

So I'm curious about your use case...e.g. what you're attempting to do with your pasted query. Using the Editor doc tabs would be the way to go here, since there is no conversion when you paste into another Editor with a different connection context.. just be aware that the SQL may not run successfully with that different connection.

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your offer to assist.

Here is my case..

I have two editor tabs open the first with a connection to Oracle and the second with a connection to Netezza.

Below I have written a SELECT in the Oracle tab...

...I cut this Oracle code and paste it in the Netezza tab...

and I see that the SQL has been modified.

In this simple case: 1. My network id has been appended to the table name, and 2. there are double quotes added to the table name.

Toad confirms that it modified my SQL with a pop up message.

In my case, I have a real need to run the exact same SQL. (Any changes required for the different databases, I need to be in control of. :slight_smile: )

How can I turn off 'SQL modification' upon a cut and paste?

Thanks for your offer to assist.