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SQL Recall window slow

I use the SQL Recall window regularly, but the performance could be better.

After expanding the list for a particular day, it takes five seconds to display all entries.

If I then select an entry, it takes between 3 and 4 seconds for it to appear in the lower area.

My "SavedSQL.xml" is currently about 11MB. Is this too big?

The file contains about 7400 Entries. :wink:

That's pretty big, but send it to me and I'll see if I can make it perform better. Zip it up and send to

Thank you for the quick feedback. I'm afraid that I can't provide you with the file, as I can't be sure that it doesn't happen to contain any "secret" data.

I've prepared a sample based on the original file and will mail it to you. :wink:

I just discovered that you can speed up the window by right click in the upper window > View > Connect String > Hidden.

I had this set as "Show as Alias" before and that was very slow.

Thank you, that's helped!

Wow, this is perfect. "Show as Schema@Database" is fast as well.

Yeah I could see how that might slow things down if you have a lot of logins in the login window. Setting it to "Show Schema@Database" is probably nearly as fast as "Hidden".

@dirk.mika1 Does that setting help you? For me, your SQL history expands pretty quickly (less than 1 second) considering the number of statements you have in there.

Oh good. @dirk.mika1 Just curious - How many logins do you have in your login window?

@JohnDorlon A lot! :smiley: Almost 700.

ah, ok. That explains it. If you have the "Alias" option set in SQL History, we have to look up the login for each SQL History item to see if it has an alias. Lots of logins + Lots of SQL History.... you see what happens.

Well, that should explain it. I changed the setting to "schema@server" and that is more than fast enough. :slight_smile:
But you may want to improved the alias-lookup anyways :wink:

Yeah, I'll see if there is something I can do there. Can you send me your connections.XML? If not, that's OK, I can build one that big. But it will save me some time if you can send it.

Hi John, I would prefer you build one, since mine contains passwords as well.

I understand if you don't want to share this file.

Just FYI though - the passwords are encrypted with an algorithm that ties them to the PC where they were encrypted. They cannot be decrypted by any other PC.

Well, I created a Connections.XML with 1000 entries, and I have a SavedSQL.XML with 7500 entries, and for me, even with the "show as alias" option, it still expands fairly quickly...maybe a 1/2 second delay.

If anyone who is experiencing the slowness can zip up and send me their user files folder, please do. My email address is above.


Do you have any alias configured? My Connections.XML contains about 60 Servers, with many of them having less then 10 connections but 150 for the one with the most connections.

A typical connection looks like this

				<Connection type="Oracle">