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Start TOAD and Assign Session to SQL File from Windows Explorer

I am a new user of TOAD and the product is way more functional than the Oracle SQL Developer product, except in one area that I didn't expect.  I want to assign the SQL suffix to the TOAD application so that when I click on the SQL in a Windows Explorer window, the SQL will load and associate with the connection that I assign to it upon TOAD startup, so that I can run SQL for that connection right away.  This works the way I want in SQL Developer.

But when I associate the SQL scripts with the TOAD application, TOAD opens up, and as expected I get the conection window to assign a connection for what I hoped would be associated with that SQL.  What instead happens is that the SQL is loaded to an Editor window, and the connection opens with its own blank Editor window.  The Editor with the SQL in it is not associated with the connection that I want to use with it.  So it seems that I can't run the SQL from Windows Explorer to get the same effect in TOAD that exists with SQL Developer.

I didn't see any posts like this, but if this is a duplicate please advise me.  Or, if there is a way that this is possible, please advise me on that, too.  TOAD World is a great site; I've already had a few questiosn answered very easily.  Thanks for your time!