The record view does not display the title bar in the selected color


Confirming... i personally don't use the record viewer much, but it does have value, especially if one's tables are wide with lots of columns... I can see the use case here for color-differentiating the record viewer, especially if one is comparing data from Prod vs. Test, etc.

Maybe more importantly, however, is that there's nothing in the Record Viewer panel that identifies from which table/database the data is being displayed. If I have multiple Record Viewer panels up, would be nice have this info displayed (in the Viewer's Title bar, or Footer section?)

Hopefully, the Quest dev team can get this into a future release near-term. Thanks for posting.

Sorry for taking all day to respond.

For dialogs, we put the color on the statusbar, not the title bar. I'll fix though.


Hi all,
great idea to put table/database information in the title bar.
Kudos to the Quest-Team!

We can't always just put a table in the title bar. If your query comes from the editor the dataset could come from a complex SQL as opposed to a single table. I can put some info up there for when you launch it from the Schema Browser though.

Maybe you could put the name in case of single object (table, view) otherwise the item "Query". However, the title bar color would already be a great help, especially in dark mode.
Thank you all!

For next beta:

  • I've added the connection info (and color) to the bottom status bar.
  • I've added the object name to the title bar if you launch Single Record View from Schema Browser Data tab or Master-Detail Browser.

If you launch Single Record View from the Editor, no attempt is made to find the object name. That's doable but it's a little bit more involved. We're starting to get close to 17.1 release date (it's about a month from now) so I don't want to add that now, but I've logged an enhancement item to add that for 17.2.

Thank you for all!