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TNSNAMES Editor / LDAP Editor / SQLNET Editor


I am new to Toad for Oracle (Dbeaver). The login says i am missing the following:

TNSnames Editor
LDAP Editor

see image.

Question: can you point me to an UPDATED instruction which i can use to add this dependency.

Sorry for the duplication, i check the forum and saw similar subject (not totally but close enough) only the links we either broken or the instruction seems out of date.

Hello and welcome!

I believe that DBeaver uses ODBC/JDBC/Similar methods to connect to a database. Toad requires an Oracle client, either the full version or the Quickie one, whose name I've forgotten, sorry.

Your installation should have a CD/DVD with the client for Windows on it, ready for you to install, without requiring a licence. Or you can get it from

Once you have installed the client, and restarted Toad, you should then be able to connect to any databases you have. If you use the TNS connection method, you will need to set up an entry in the tnsnames.ora file, to be found under your %TNS_ADMIN% environment variable, or under %ORACLE_HOME%/network/admin if %TNS_ADMIN% is not set.


Norm. [TEamT]

Instant Client was the name I'd forgotten! :slight_smile:

Norm. [TeamT]

One other think I've noticed. Your "connect using" Oracle Home is showing in red. Click the ellipses (...) button beside it. That action displays a list of all that Toad found wrong with the Oracle Home in question.

  • Is it on your %PATH%?
  • Is it the same bit size (32/64) as Toad?


Norm. [TeamT]