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TOAD 13 connects very slow when starting editor


Hi all,

I ran into an problem when starting Toad 13.0 on Windows 10 with a 12.2.0 Oracle Client. All components are on 64-Bit.
When I start the Editor it needs approx. 10-20 seconds to start.
I crosstested this behaviour on a Windows7 VMware-Installation where Toad 12.11 with Client is installed. 64-Bit too.
There I cannot reproduce this and the Editor starts very fast.

What I’ve done so far:

I installed Toad 13 on the VMware-Guest where it even run very fast.

I installed Toad 12.11 on my Win10 machine and it was even slow to start the editor.

I started Toad with “Debug=1” in Toad.ini to check where it hangs.
Here ist a snapshot taken on the slow machine:


And this one taken on the Windows 7 VMware guest:


The time from connection start til editor full load is 27 sec (Win10) and 6 sec (Win7)

So, are there any issues when running Toad (13 or 12.11) on Windows10 ?

Thanks in advance




You may be able to speed up the “Loading owners” section by:

  1. right click on the “Current Schema” dropdown at the far right of the Editor toolbar.

  2. Choose “Users to Load” -> “Load all users”.

This will query only dba_users or all_users, depending on your privileges. The other two choices have to join in dba/all_objects and might be a little slower.


Hello John,

thx for your answer.

Unfortunately this option is choosed by default. I never changed it.

So this don’t help me out …


The second group of debug lines you highlight for the IsActiveEditorForm are largely useless. They are leftovers from a release long gone by while tracking down a particular issue and were removed earlier in the Toad 13.1 beta cycle. I’m not sure what other code was executing around that time due to a lack of debug output.