Toad for Oracle on Mac window behavior

I'm trying out the new Mac version (with excitement since I run a Windows VM just for Toad) and I have a couple of questions/observations. When I start Toad I get this window:

What will make that go away?

When I click from one schema tab to another, it's pretty sluggish, I see all the other windows (Schema Browser, Editor, etc.) for the other connections in a minimized window state and then the front window of the the new schema tab will maximize. (I have a screen movie of the behavior if that would help).


Did you import any settings from your Toad for Oracle (on Windows) install into your Toad on Mac install?

If so, I'd suggest undoing that by going to main menu -> Utilities -> Manage User Settings, then check "Reset to a clean set of user files".

You can check the settings to retain in the area below if you wish. I don't think any of them will cause this to return.

I have no ideas about the sluggishness. :frowning:


I did. Thanks. That removed the Task Scheduler prompt on startup and as an added bonus it removed whatever was causing the strange window behavior!


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A follow up to the window behavior. The reset removed my Color Scheme. When I re-enabled the Color Scheme, the sluggish window behavior navigating between connection tabs returned. I'm fine without using the color scheme but thought I'd pass it along.

I appreciate the follow up. It was a lot of effort to get color schemes relatively fast in Windows. With the extra complication of Mac, I guess I'm not too surprised that this was the cause of the slowness. Out of curiosity, how fast would you say your Mac is?

Also, is the slowness just when you go from one connection to another, or is it also from one window to another? While working on this under Windows, the slowest part was when switching from any window TO the editor.

I'm on a i9 10 core processor iMac with 32GB of memory. It's about the same going from Schema Browser to Editor or from connection to connection. My default is to have the Schema Browser and Editor to open for each connection. I tried it with just the schema browser open and it was about the same.


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I believe that this is not limited to the Mac version.
When I maximize the Windows version from the taskbar, the following happens:
Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-11-07 um

However, I am running the Windows version in a VM on a MacBook Pro (Mid 2015), i7 16GB Ram.


That is the same windows behavior I observed.


Hey Dirk - So, you have Windows Toad (in a VM) and McToad (my new nickname for it) on the same laptop. That makes for an interesting test case. I assume McToad is a little slower switching windows. Can you confirm?

Hi Jeff,

Toad has a feature (the "re-run" menu) which remembers certain things you do in Toad (export dataset, export ddl, schema compare, etc....stuff that you'll find in Automation designer). And in Options -> General, there is a setting that controls how many actions of each type that we'll remember. When Toad starts, and also sometimes when it is running, we'll check to see if we need to trim off the saved actions. When we do that, we check to make sure that none of those actions were scheduled, because if they were, we would not trim them off.

Well, in McToad, there is no scheduler, and then you get the error.

This is going to affect all users after a short time. We'll likely be releasing an update to fix it.

There really isn't any workaround. You can delete ToadActions.dat to make it go away for a little while, but that will also nuke anything you do in Automation Designer.


Hi John,

Thanks for looking into this. I’ll just click OK and carry one.



If, after a while (week or two? more?) If Toad starts taking too long to start up after a , delete ToadActions.dat (do this while Toad is NOT running)


So, you have Windows Toad (in a VM) and McToad (my new nickname for it) on the same laptop. That makes for an interesting test case. I assume McToad is a little slower switching windows. Can you confirm?

Correct. I am currently using Toad for Windows in a Windows 10 VM (with 6GB RAM).
Since Toad is the only reason for the Windows VM, I would like to use the Mac version. So I recently installed the trial version.

In terms of performance, I can already say that loading a workspace with 8 connections, one schema browser and one editor per connection takes about 90 seconds in the Windows VM, while the Mac version takes almost twice as long.

Changing the connection takes approx. 1.5 seconds with Windows-Toad and approx. 2.5 seconds with McToad. (The WindowBar is configured so that it only displays the windows of the current connection.)