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Toad 14.1 Ctrl+click to a package constant

Ctrl+click redescribe the package spec in DESC window instead of navigate to the opened tab

This old issue also exists in the 14.1 GA version. I'm clicking on a package constant but Toad opens a describe window with the package spec object , instead of switching to the appropriate tab in the Editor.

Can you reproduce the issue above? If you need more info please let me know.

does this happen for any package constant or does it have to be User-Defined type (TYPE … IS TABLE OF … INDEX BY PLS_INTEGER) ?

Also, what options do you have here?

I can't reproduce this with the options set as shown above. If I uncheck the second box, Toad attempts to describe what I Ctrl+Click on.

The same as on your screenshot. The constant what I try to follow/describe with ctrl+click is declared in an other package spec, but this package itself doesn't contains a body part.


Can you give some feedback for me, please? Do you need any more specific information?

Hi Tamas,

Sorry for dropping off on this. I can reproduce this with package constants in other packages. It doesn't seem to matter if there is a body or not.

But if I uncheck "CTRL+Click describes objects", then CTRL+Click will open the target package within the Editor. Does that work for you? You could still F4 on something instead of CTRL+Click if you really want a describe window.

I'm sorry but I don't like the behavior of uncheck "Ctrl+click describe objects" option.

If I uncheck "Jump to package body and types" option and ctrl+click on a package.constant reference then Toad changes the current tab to the referenced package object and cursor navigates to the target constant.
If I create an empty package body (with only just BEGIN NULL; END; statements) for the referenced package statement, and check the "Jump to package body and types" option, then ctrl+click operation also works fine.

So somehow Toad knows that the described reference is a package constant and it should looked for in the package spec part, but the "Jump to package body and types" option may causes a confusion with packages without a body part.

The link I posted in the first message was the same issue but with UDT types. It was in year 2013 :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, ok.

Toad knows this is in package spec, but then when "jump to package body and types" is checked (which really would be more clear as "jump to package and type bodies), but.... if that's checked, the editor tries to load the body, which doesn't exist, so it gives up, and then the "Describe" code kicks in after that. So we need to add some code in there to fall back to spec if body doesn't exist.

I'll log it and fix soon.

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