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Toad Automation Designer - Error


I am new to Automation Designer in Toad. i created a new ‘Export Dataset’ and it is working fine manually, but when I am trying to schedule it is giving error at the end where I have to type in user account to run this schedule task. I used my windows credentials but I am getting error
Error Registering Task
" Access Denied"

Can someone please help me on how to resolve this ?



Hi Amit,

The error you’re receiving is coming from Windows, rather than from Toad itself. I would check the following options and try it again:

  1. If you’re using Active Directory, make sure to use your fully-qualified login ("[DOMAIN]\[username]") for the username. If you use Active Directory, but you’re trying to run the task using a local computer account, it’d be “[LOCAL_COMPUTER]\[username]”.

  2. Make sure you’re running it using an account that is a local administrator on the machine.

  3. Check your local Windows group policy settings on your machine to make sure you have access to the Tasks folder in Windows. Perhaps the following link may help:

My suspicion is that perhaps your local policy is preventing you from creating a task within Windows using the account you’re specifying.

Let us know what you find!