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TOAD Automation Designer for Oracle (TOAD version

Yesterday, I started working with a TOAD Automation Designer tutorial, by Kuljit Sangha, posted Dec. 6, 2011. I choose this one from a Google search result, because it is on the ToadWorld site:

However, I quickly ran into an "issue" that is befuddling me at the moment. I added the IF / THEN / ELSE branch, with TNS Ping and two email messages (one for success / one for failure) without any problem. I named this task "Ping SOR Database".

I decided to try adding a second IF / THEN / ELSE branch, named "Ping AI Database Server", in order to test a different Oracle server. The reason I was attempting to do this is that our current set-up requires two different Oracle servers: one is running our normal database, and the other is running the IBM BPM (formerly Lombardi) software that our application requires. Both servers have to be up in order for our application to work. I was able to add the TNS Ping for the 2nd test, however, for whatever reason, the option to add two more email notifications is greyed out (unavailable).


If you want to add a message action there, you just need to click on message action icon and click the place you want to add it.

Aimee, that is exactly what I tried to do at first (before attempting to use the Properties dialog, which did work for the first IF /THEN /ELSE block). It was simply not working for me on Friday, including closing and re-opening TOAD. However, I just tried this morning, and it worked fine. Strange.

Hey Tom, were you able to get your exports into automation designer? If not, send me an email at and I’ll send you a quick video