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Toad become tooooo heavy and toooo slow

This previous very good software over years became crap - gazzilion of features, but BASIC stuff working deadly slow ( switching between tabs i.e. ) and hang-up time to time (at least once per day for me). I'm Oracle developer more then 20 y and used Toad for a long, but now will move to other software.
In my opinion you guys are moving wrong direction - FIX BASIC STUFF FIRST and then continue on new features.
I used Toad for Oracle Base Edition 12 on Windows 10

Strange! I've been using Toad for many years too, since before it was a commercial product. The only 2basic stuff" that gives me problems is related to:

  • Our network and its timeouts;
  • Anti-virus;
  • Firewall rules;
  • Other stuff, not Toad or Oracle related;
  • The @?!&% cloud!

Oh, sorry, I forgot, Windows too! I've had recently, multiple blue screens which corrupted my Toad installation, plus my C++ compiler and a number of other stuff. Most irritating indeed. That particular desktop is history now!

Switching tabs in the editor is not slow for me, I usually have Toad open for months, current session was started on 13th April. I have currently 8 connections open, 8 session browsers on 5 minute repeat, 8 editor windows with average 4 tabs each - just over half to thousand lines plus PL-SQL packages, the transaction monitor and one schema browser to a database with around 500 tablespaces. 5 of the connections are to cloud databases using ssh tunnels. Oh yes, plus one trace file browser too.

So, Toad works fine for me.

Hopefully, you'll stick around and log some bugs and supply evidence if required so that the developers, to whom we have direct access - good luck getting that elsewhere, can sort your problems out. You've invested 20 years in Toad, it would be a shame to drop it apparently, before trying to get your problems fixed.

I'm sure if it was really a Toad problem, more people would have mentioned it already.

Disclaimer: I'm a member of TeamT, but I do not work for Quest, but I'd rather yse Toad than any Java based application that claims to be a "Toad Killer"! You want slow? Try Oracle's own product. Having said that, if I have Toad worries, I will report them here too.

So, stick around, report your problems properly, and lets get them fixed.

Sermon over! ;o)

Norm. [TeamT]

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Thank you Norm.

@pkyfw, I do work for Quest. As Norm suggested, if you elaborate on some of the problems you are experiencing, we'll do our best to help you out.


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You are checking session state on EVERY tab switch - i mean session i am switching to :slight_smile: why are you doing that ? it takes time

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I'm not sure what you mean by "checking session state". If you turn on Spool SQL (Main Menu -> Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen) then Toad will show you all of the SQL that it runs.

When I turn that on and change tabs, there is no SQL being run. What do you see?

  1. well switching to other tab (in same session) takes ~2 sec for me, i don't see any queries in spool.

  2. but i see 3 queries executing EVERY TIME when switch to other session, and i do it quite a lot because of many working schemas. I guess it's for autocomplete - SELECT from sys.user_all_tables, sys.user_snapshots and sys.user_objects. I work remotely often and fetching this objects info (WHAT changes rarely) on every switch to different session is not smart - lot of network traffic and toad freeze. Is it possible somehow to cache this info, memory is not a problem nowadays ?

That takes a lot of time, also in building up the screen. It's annoying
I am working TOAD with Windows 10 64bit.
Have been using Toad since the early 2000's . Because of this performance issues looking for other options like DataGrip (which misses options I like , such as datagrid , filter table option, resort columns in datagrid)

Hi @Pkyfw Sorry I didn't see your reply until now. Those queries that you see when you switch connections come from the Object Palette. It follows the active connection, so has to refresh when you switch. If you close the Object Palette, those queries won't happen when you change connections.

There's no way now to make it cache the info, but I don't think it would be very difficult to implement. Thanks for the suggestion.