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Toad Data Point 4.3 vs Microsoft SQL Azure



At this moment, I am able to connect using SQL Server authentication, but I am getting errors like “Catalog view ‘xml_schema_collections’ is not supported in this version”, “Catalog view ‘federations’ is not supported in this version”. I am trying to use 'SQL Server Native Client 11.0" ODBC driver. But, that didn’t help. In Object explorer, I can see the views, but not the list of tables. Also, when I try to generate script, it give one of the above errors. Can someone please let me know if there is any solution available for this kind of behavior?


from error message we could clearly tell that TDP 4.3 not support "Catalog view ‘xml_schema_collections’, I create QAT-13048 to request enhancement. I am afraid there is no workaround for this but let me check with developer.




Could you say - do you use Azure SQL Data Warehouse?
I can’t reproduce your case on simple Azure SQL


Hello Vasiliy,

Yes. Here is the version of my sql server DB: Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse - 10.0.9999.0

Please let me know if this helps.




Thank you Cindy. Is it possible to predict resolution for this enhancement request QAT-13048?




We are looking at this. it is hard to predict as SQL Azure Data warhouse has many new datatypes and we may have to create a separate custom provider for this.


FYI. We have started work on this.